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In early 2019, our founder, Martin, was feeling frustrated as he went through his admin related to billing. Every month, the same challenges seemed to be recurring, which ultimately affected how much he was getting paid. Rather than dwell on his frustration, Martin started a journey through the finance side of the hospital to truly understand what were the cause of the issues. And as the same frustrations were felt by his colleagues across the hospital, he wondered why something couldn’t be done to fix the problem.

Towards the end of summer, he contacted his co-founder, Séamus and asked him to lend his engineering mind to the problem. Between the two of them, they mapped out all of the challenges faced by hospitals when it came to revenue cycle management and how technology could help to solve those problems.

In early 2021, they ran a proof of concept with the Laya Urgent Care Centres and, soon after, Affidea came on board as an early adopter of the technology.

MedoSync is now officially ISO certified for ISO 27001: 2013 and ISO 27701: 2019.

ISO accreditation 27701

Certificate Number 21274

ISO 27001

ISO 27701

“Medosync has made the registration process faster and more efficient. As the patient fills in their details, it is more accurate than before. We used to verbally collect patients' information which could result in misspellings and wrong information being collected resulting in delays getting paid. We have reduced considerably the use of paper in the clinics: No more paper forms, no more invoices to be printed to send to insurers, no more GP consent forms to be printed.”
Juan Guerrero, Regional Manager, My Medical


MedoSync is led by an experienced team with expertise
in healthcare, technology, sales and marketing.


Dr Martin Rochford
CEO & co-founder

Frustrated by the billing process while working as an Emergency Medicine Consultant in Private Hospitals, Martin sought to understand the root cause of the billing problem in hospitals and create a solution to alleviate hospital’s pains.

Séamus Cooley
CTO & co-founder

With experience working with some of the biggest companies in the world such as Microsoft and Facebook, Séamus brings his problem-solving nature to hospitals.

Richard Egan

Working as the Managing Director of MyMedical Urgent Care Centres, Richard understands the challenges of revenue cycle management. He works tirelessly with customers to help them realize their revenue.

Ivan Eustace
Customer Success Director

Coming from a client service background in advertising, Ivan understands what is important to customers and this experience is a critical component in our customer-centric approach.

Samantha Goulart
Billing support

With a Masters in Finance and experience working with multinational banks, Samantha brings expertise on the challenges faced by finance teams.

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