If you are reviewing your claims management process and looking for a new partner, have a look at the questions most asked of MedoSync

This is the MedoSync FAQ and the one we take most seriously. Security is at the heart of everything we do as we are dealing with the most sensitive data. This includes hosting data in Microsoft Azure, who are HIPAA compliant. We don’t want you to take our word for it either which is why we are ISO accredited in cybersecurity and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Inevitably, hospitals are dealing with multiple systems as there are so many disciplines at work. The unifying element of these healthcare systems is they speak the same language – HL7 – which means our API (Application Programme Interface) can easily integrate with whatever systems you have in place. If this isn’t possible, we can also use CSV files as most systems can export reports in this format.

This is a substantial change project and will require the input of multiple stakeholders across the business. We know change is difficult but we have a project roadmap in place to help make the project as easy as possible.

The process of creating a claim is time consuming with a lot of repetitive tasks common to all claims. These include transcribing of data from one system to another, following up on outstanding items, cross checking across documents for consistency as well as many others. MedoSync automates the repetitive tasks which allows claims teams to focus on higher value activities.

Providers are getting to grips with all of the data at their fingertips as they aim to gain greater efficiencies in their care and bottom-line. The data picture when it comes to claims has significant blind spots and MedoSync helps to shine a light on these.

MedoSync is working with the major insurers and has already submitted more than 50,000 using the insurer’s APIs. Because of the way we sent our customer’s claims, common errors are caught before adjudication meaning time is saved for provider and insurer alike.

Remittances are tracked in the system. Our reporting dashboard shows the status of every claim that has been submitted enabling A/R teams follow up on high value claims.

Digital experiences are increasingly the norm across society and in healthcare as well. Our software improves the patient experience as we move from repetitive tasks for the patient to remembering their details for subsequent hospital visits.

Doctors are an important part of the claim process and the “Consultant Billing Portal” brings doctors in to the loop making their part of the claims process easier meaning they can get back to the important work of looking after patients.

MedoSync improves two parts of the hospitals business. The first is a more effective revenue cycle with claims going out with fewer common errors speeding up the payment process thereby reducing debtor days and impairment charges. The second element is the operational gains for the hospital as administrative burden is eased meaning more work can be carried out and focused on higher value activities.

Hopefully you found this MedoSync FAQ helpful and we have answered your questions, if not please feel free to contact us!


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