Bring Clarity and Trust to Healthcare Claims

Efficient, adaptable billing solutions that flex to meet insurers' and providers' needs.

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Our suite of user-friendly solutions bring clarity to the healthcare claims process for providers, consultants and insurers

Four sophisticated software products

Easily integrates into clinical systems

Structured workflows reduce common errors

Automation unlocks capacity in claims teams

Benefits of using Medosync Software

By streamlining the verification, pre authorisation and claim submission process, we help to unlock capacity in provider and insurer claim teams.

12 days
Reduction in days waiting for payment
Of Billing team capacity freed up for other projects
Up to 43%
Increase in revenue for consultants
c. 10%
Of the cost to insurer vs. paper claims

Working with us

We tailor our solutions to best fit your needs.

What our clients say

“Medosync has completely transformed our approach to claims submission. Thanks to them, we’ve been able to reduce the amount of time we’ve spent waiting for claims to be payed and as a result, our team has been freed up to work on other things. Thank you!”

Juan Guerrero Hernandez
Clinic Manager
Healthcare Provider

“We have been working with MedoSync since 2021, when their software has enabled us to in-house our billing. Since then, they have continuously improved the product and helped make our admins teams lives easier with productivity optimisations. Their Access product also streamlines patients entry into the clinic providing them with seamless registration in what can be a stressful time.”

Paul O'Brien
Healthcare Provider

“Better, structured healthcare data is mission critical to our business, and working with Medosync has made it easier for us to receive better data from healthcare organisations in a more structured way, saving our team time and helping us process claims more efficiently.”


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