Frequently Asked Questions

If you are reviewing your claims management process and looking for a new partner, have a look at the questions most asked of MedoSync.

We are dealing with patient data – How can we be sure it will be secure with your system.

Security is at the heart of everything we do as we are dealing with the most sensitive data.

This includes hosting data in Microsoft Azure, which is HIPAA compliant. We don’t want you to take our word for it either which is why we are ISO accredited in cybersecurity and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

We have a lot of data sources that our claims team use, how does your software manage this complexity?

Inevitably, healthcare organisations are managing multiple systems due to the complexity of care and claims. The unifying element of  systems in use by healthcare organisations is that they speak the same language – HL7 – which means our API (Application Programme Interface) can easily integrate with whatever systems you are using now or in the future.

If for any reason, integration is not possible, we can also use CSV files as most systems can export reports in this format.

This sounds like a substantial change project; how does MedoSync help?

This is a substantial change project and will require the input of multiple stakeholders across the business.

We know change is difficult. That is why we have a comprehensive project scoping process to understand the needs of your organisation and everyone involved in the project. Following this process, we work with you to develop and implement an exhaustive roadmap to ensure everyone involved is aligned on the project's timelines and objectives.

Our support team is on hand to troubleshoot any issues you may have both during the onboarding phase and beyond.

For more information, visit our 'Getting started' and 'Training and support' guides.

What difference will this make for our claim’s teams?

The process of creating a claim is time consuming with a lot of repetitive tasks common to all claims. These include transcribing of data from one system to another, following up on outstanding items, cross checking across documents for consistency as well as many others. MedoSync automates the repetitive tasks which allows claims teams to focus on higher value activities.

We already have data visualisation tools, what would MedoSync achieve beyond what is already there?

Providers have access to a wealth of care and claims data. By ensuring that teams can access and understand the datapoints that are most relevant can help to increase efficiency in their care and drive increases in their bottom-line.

For many providers, existing systems are likely to have significant blind spots in terms of both the availability of data and the ease of compiling, submitting and moving data between hospital and insurer.  Through our solutions, we are closing these gaps and helping to provide comprehensive, fully digital claims files that are error-free prior to submission.

The relationship with insurers is important, how does MedoSync manage this?

MedoSync is working with the major insurers and has already submitted thousands of claims using the insurer’s APIs. Because of the way we send our customer’s claims, common errors are caught before adjudication meaning time is saved for provider and insurer alike.

Revenue cycle management is more than just the claim. How does MedoSync help finance teams?

Remittances are tracked in the system. Our reporting dashboard shows the status of every claim that has been submitted enabling A/R teams follow up on high value claims.

What does this software mean for our patients?

MedoSync Access allows patients to complete insurer forms on their mobile phone prior to arrival at hospital, with no need to fill out paper registration forms. In Fact, MedoSync will automatically complete most of the patient's form if they have previously attended the hospital as a patient!

What does the software mean for our doctors?

MedoSync helps doctors to complete and submit claims faster and allows them to track and sign off on claims from their mobile phones.

What does success look like with MedoSync?

Success for MedoSync customers means introducing clarity to your organisation's medical billing process.

By reducing errors in the claims process, streamlining submission and receipt of claims and claims data for providers and insurers, and creating a fully digital claim file,  our solutions enable fewer rejected claims, more straightforward processing of claims and reduce demand on your billing and administration teams, releasing capacity which can be used to create value elsewhere within your organisation.

I have a question that isn't covered here

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