A company driven by genuine purpose

MedoSync was founded with first-hand experience of the challenges faced by healthcare organisations. Read about our founders mission and meet the team below.


At MedoSync, we believe in the importance of efficient healthcare systems, built on the principles of interoperability and trust.


As a company, we’re committed to eliminating waste from healthcare claims, to free up capacity across the ecosystem.


Our solutions realise our vision by bringing clarity to the healthcare claims process for providers, clinicians and insurers.

Our Executive Team

CEO & co-founder

Frustrated by the billing process while working as an Emergency Medicine Consultant in Private Hospitals, Martin sought to understand the root cause of problems in medical billing. He then set out to create a solution that would alleviate these problems for healthcare providers, consultants, insurers and patients.

CTO & co-founder

With experience working with some of the biggest companies in the world such as Microsoft and Facebook, Séamus brings his problem-solving nature to hospitals.

Customer Success Director

Coming from a client service background in advertising, Ivan understands what is important to customers and this experience is a critical component in our customer-centric approach.

Working as the Managing Director of MyMedical Urgent Care Centres, Richard understands the challenges of revenue cycle management. He works tirelessly with customers to help them realize their revenue.


As a business, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and our solutions are designed to reduce environmental impact within the billing process. By collecting impact data, we can calculate the full impact of the claim form and the emissions saved by using our system.


As a healthcare industry organisation, we recognise the impact that we have in society and the importance of ensuring we create an environment that welcomes and supports people from all walks of life. To that end, we are an equal opportunity employer. We strive to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion and treat our employees and customers with dignity, respect, and fairness at all times.


Ethics, integrity and professionalism are a core tenet of our business. We believe that how we operate as a business is fundamental to our success. We take steps to ensure that our governance processes and policies are understood, adhered to and championed by our team, and that our actions and growth as a business are always in line with these policies.